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Former Lab Members

Rosie (Dog, emotional support; current: B.S. candidate at Eckerd) 

Blake Fordyce (Research Technologist, current: PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill)

Isabelle Ruesch (Research Technician)

Ghata Nandi (staff scientist)

Claire Jacobs (Instructor in Neurology) 

Alyson Goff (Undergraduate, Boston University)

Samantha Krushak (research technologist; current: Vertex)

Wendy Zhao (Senior Research Scientist/Group leader; current: CDoT at Broad Institute)

Ariel Vilidnitsky (undergraduate, Harvard College)

Michelle Nguyen-McCarty (postdoc; current: Sana Biotechnology)

Peter Chindavong (research assistant; current: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Program)

Milica Markovic (graduate student, Harvard Chemistry and Chemical Biology Program)

Norma K. Hylton (undergraduate, Harvard College; research assistant; current: MD/PhD program at HMS)

Anne Kim (undergraduate, Wellesley College)

Carlos Moreno-Yruela (Visiting graduate student, Chemical biology Program, Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sarah Emerick (summer intern from Eckerd College)

Iren Kurtser (research technologist)

Begum Alural (Visiting Graduate Student from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey)

Blake Chancellor (Harvard BBS Program)

Ting Fu (research technologist; current: Perlis lab, Center for Genomic Medicine, MGH)

Emily Logan (summer intern from Eckerd College)

Sateja Paradkar (summer intern from BITS Hyderabad, India)

Jasmin Lalonde (postdoctoral fellow; current: assistant professor at Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Guelph, Canada)

Emily Thayer Adams (research assistant)

Marshall Tyler (graduate student, Harvard Chemistry Biology Program)

Angela She (graduate student, Harvard Chemistry Biology Program)

Jenny Lai (undergraduate, Harvard College)

Josefa Zaldivar-Diez (visiting graduate student from Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas-CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Steve D. Sheridan (senior research scientist; current: Perlis lab, Center for Genomic Medicine, MGH)

Krista Hennig (research scientist)

Audrey Lang (summer intern from Boston Univ.)

Emily Ricq (graduate student, Harvard Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

Michael Drumm (undergraduate, Harvard College)

David Wang (undergraduate, Harvard College)

Frederick A. Schroeder (postdoctoral fellow)

Chelsea Groves Kuhnle (research assistant)

Nina Kosaric (undergraduate, Harvard College)

Adelaine Leung (postdoctoral fellow; current: assistant professor at University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Balaram Ghosh (postdoctoral fellow; current: assistant professor at BITS-Pilani, India)

Jessica Mandula (summer intern from Eckerd College)

Joshua Bishop (postdoctoral fellow; current: Merck)

Daniel Zolg (MS intern student from TUM, Germany)

Arianna Benfanti (summer intern from Eckerd College)

Erroll Rueckert (postdoctoral fellow; current: NanoString Technologies)

Sarah Blumenthal (Harvard College)

Tammy Wong (summer intern)

Sabine Bavamian (postdoctoral fellow)

Rakesh Karmacharya (research fellow; current: Associate Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School)

Kraig Theriault (senior research technologist)

Stephanie Norton (senior research technologist)

Naveen Krishnan (research technician)

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