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Where psychedelic research goes next

A new generation of research looks at psilocybin, LSD and other mind-altering drugs. Both the challenges and the therapeutic promise are enormous.


Mass General Launches New Center to Study Psychedelics in Psychiatry


New center seeks to understand any ‘magic’ in mushrooms

Research may help clear path for use of psychedelics in treating psychiatric patients


Scientists create molecular tool to remove toxic protein from nerve cell models of dementia

  • Tool will be used to study accumulation of toxic protein in brain cells of patients with forms of dementia

  • Represents first successful technique for targeted clearing of abnormal tau protein from human neurons


Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announces $8.3 million in capital funding through new programs to overcome challenges in delivering therapeutics and women’s health

11 projects receiving funding to support innovation and cross-sector collaboration between non-profits and industry, as teams tackle pressing life science challenges

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